Snowboard Projects

Snowboard Projects

 Recent Snowboard video project's.  

Terry Kidwell was the first snowboarder to ever have his own pro model snowboard this video was made to promote the re release of the board. 

Recently I was up in Oregon at Mt hood Meadows for an event called Super Park 18.  I was in charge of working with the Sony action cam, Making sure athletes get shots using the camera, keeping track off all camera's, keeping them charged and keeping the footage organized.   This is a highlight edit of the best footage. 

Every Year Grenade Gloves holds an annual event called the Grenade Games, this year was the 10th one. Here is short Recap of high lights from the day. This was also an edit for the Snowboarder Video Magazine episode 12.

Volcom's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam 2014 finals at Mammoth Mountain high light edit for Episode 12 of Snowboarders Video magazine.  You can watch the whole video mag below with other shots of mine in there as well. 

This is the newest edition of Snowboarder magazine video magazine. I have two segments that I shot and edited within this episode.  The Grenade games segment which starts at 2:52 and the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail jam which starts at 16:05. The Video Magazine is a 20min edit that Snowboarder Magazine puts out once a month.  I also have shots in the Ms. super park section as well. 

Prepare to Unload

This is a Snowboard edit for Mammoth Mountain marketing.  Click here to see it on Snowboarder Magazine's Website



Volcom Product Videos

I directed and shot video for a few Volcom product video's.  This is the unedited version, click this link to see the final product on Volcom's Youtube page. 


Volcom Holy Bowly

Some members of the Volcom team went to japan in 2013 for an event called the Holy Bowly,  this video is a recount of their trip.